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Our Council Members

'What the people believe is true'.

– Anishinabe

'Wisdom comes only when you stop looking for it and start living the life the Creator intended for you.'

– Hopi

'Ask questions from your heart and you will be answered from the heart.'

– Omaha

Welcome to our Council page.

Meet our council members - international and local.


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Our Advisory Council

Every member on our council has an intriguing background offering a rich tapestry of skills and talents to our Anishinabek Nation.

Coming Soon: Council member bios.

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Image by Stéfano Girardelli
Image by Ingo Doerrie

International Advisory Council

  1. Sir Daniel Bilbruck, Grand Chief ASMIN USA

  2. Lord Michael Griffith, our EU representative.

  3. Sir Don Kaulia (Order of Kamehameha the Great of Hawaii, Chancellor of the Order and Regent) ASMIN Ambassador to the Hawaii Kingdom).

  4. Grand Chief Wabiska Mukwa

  5. Zau Got Teh Kwe (FN Clan Mother)

  6. Darin Torres,  “Minister of State”,

  7. Lexie Torres,

  8. Lord Frederick House of Stewart, New Zealand.

  9. Dr. Herman Cox (Nokose) Chief of Medical  Development. Canada and USA, Elder’s / men’s and Advisory Councils. 

  10. Ambassador China and Pacific Rim, Yun Xiang Tseng, men’s council (Master Chen, Daoist Monk)

  11. Dr. Ted Sumrall (Apushamatahahu) Elder’s / men’s

  12. Senior Chief Arthur L. Jefford  (Straight Arrow, Gwayak Bikwak.) 

  13. Chief Austin House (Notin  Niskow)

  14. Chief Randy Unter (Colorado) - Chief Medical Services).

  15. Attorney General, Glenn Bogue, Spirit Warrior

  16. John Cipolla, New York

  17. Chief Francis L. Charbonneau  Jr.  Elder’s, men’s council (bilingual) (Michigan)

  18. Bil Martineau,  (Maine)  Elders’  Men’s council

USA  Tribal Council

  1. Dr. Herman Cox (Nokose) Chief of Medical Development, Canada and USA, Elder’s / men’s and Advisory Councils

  2. Dr. Ted Sumrall  (Apushamatahahu) Elder’s  / men’s and Advisory Councils.

  3. Sir Daniel W. Bilbruck (ga-do-da-yo-u)  

  4. Lord Michael Griffith  (USA/Europe)

  5. Ambassador China and Pacific Rim,   Yun Xiang Tseng  

  6. Chief Francis L. Charbonneau  Jr.  Elder’s, men’s council (bilingual)

  7. Elizabeth Ann Berton-Reilly (on sabbatical)

  8. Darin Torres (New Mexico)  Minister of State

  9. Lexi Torres (New Mexico) (Hawaii) (USA)

  10. Bil Martineau,  (Maine)  Elders’  Men’s council

  11. Chief Randy Unter (Colorado) - Chief Medical Services)

  12. Grand Chief Wabiska Mukwa

  13. Zau Got Teh Kwe (FN, Clan Mother)

  14. John Cipolla, New York

  15. Glenn Bogue, Spirit Warrior

Canada men’s/ elder’s council

  1. Errol Star Francis

  2. Arthur L. Jefford  (Straight Arrow, Gwayak Bikwak.. )  Elders and men’s council

  3. Dwayne Antonia  (Fire keeper/ sweat lodge builder)  

  4. Chief Austin House (Notin  Niskow) 

  5. Roly Belanger,   Associate,  Advisor to ASMIN

  6. Chief Pat Hill   (Capitan of the Hunt)

  7. Paul Bidan                                                                                   

  8. Greg Harding 

  9. Matt Vickers (BC FN member) Development

  10. Chief Gerald Leroux   Chief Economic Development Central America

  11. Ron Farrow

  12. Ben Kutner  CDO  Ottawa

Women’s /  Clan Mothers

Sitting Clan Mothers, all of the clan mothers sit on the women’s council


  1. Zau Got Teh Kwe (FN, Clan Mother)

  2. Jacqueline Best

  3. Elizabeth Ann Berton-Reilly (associate on sabbatical)

  4. Robbin Whachell

  5. Tara Grozelle  

  6. Pauline Stevenson

  7. Julie Turcotte

  8. Cathy Cardinell


Women’s Council General 

  1. Dr. Sabina DeVita

  2. Elizabeth Ann Berton-Reilly (associate on sabbatical)

  3. Robbin Whachell

  4. Tara Grozelle

  5. Pauline Stevenson  

  6. Julie Turcotte

  7. Cathy Cardinell

  8. Carol Swain Small  (ASMIN)      

  9. Lexi Torres (USA) (ASMIN)

  10. Margarite Thibodeau (Women’s council on leave)

  11. Joanne Zadeh

  12. Wendy Yehia

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