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Welcome to our Previous ASMIN Events

Memories of Our

ASMIN Gatherings & Ceremony

Food and Drink

Our Fall Gathering - November, 2022

We gathered before the winter set in for our Fire Ceremony.

We enjoyed listening to great presentations, eating delicious food and having intriguing conversations with other wonderful men and women!

Our Gathering Memories of July 2nd, 2022

ASMIN members gathered together for comradery, learning, ceremony and celebration with food and music. Lectures and ceremony with Grand Chief, Clan Mother, Indigenous lawyer, musician Errol Francis and Greg Harding, Pipe Carrier!

As we have done traditionally, Our day started with our ASMIN council led by Grand Chief.

This was a full day of meeting, learning and sharing with fun, tradition, good food & ceremony.

Enjoying Mother Nature

Our Indigenous Ways have always respected Mother Earth who gives life to her inhabitants and we in turn give back in taking care of her.

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