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Our Nation's Projects


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  • To create the New Earth by freeing humanity

  • To protect & nurture the sacredness of Mother Earth

  • To unify as ONE, Free human race

Our nation is committed to assist communities to self-govern and self-determine, to foster Indigenous, original ways of livelihood by ending exploitation, human slavery and sex trafficking and to protect & nurture Mother Earth through ecological, sound & sacred principles.

We foresee, as in prophecy, a better, Unified, loving future where Great Creator is honored for the magnificence and brilliance of creation and within all people as free, peace-loving, sovereign beings.

Our Attention

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Our projects are to protect and nurture Mother Earth through ecological, sound & sacred principles. These measures will ensure safety, health and peace for all, while maintaining freedom & sovereignty.

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New Earth: Freeing Humanity

Human slavery, sex trafficking, abduction, murder, kidnap, genocide, still exists. We can end it. You have the power with your donations to make a lasting change. Join us.

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Our goal and vision encompasses a worldwide union for our freedom. We want to fulfill the ‘Eagle and the Condor” Prophecy, that when the people from the four directions of the world would come together, they would begin the New Earth.

You Can Make the Difference....
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Your donation goes directly to support our projects on Turtle Island and around the world. Most of the nation's administrative and operational costs are presently covered by our volunteers and in order for our nation to expand and do more to help those in need of lawful protection, safety, housing, clean water and food, we need to expand our outreach. 

Your contributions will assist our Indigenous Nation to:

  • reclaim our stolen land,

  • stop the crimes vs human slavery & sex trafficking,

  • protect our indoor environments,

  • reclaim & protect our water, our earth and resources

  •   help our Indigenous women and children who need it most.

Donate to a worthy and life-changing cause

You have the power to change many lives with your donation.

Support our groundbreaking work. We thank you.

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