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Our Environmental Projects

The ASMIN Council in collaboration with the ASKIT Tribunal are in constant developments in standing up for truth, freedoms, human dignity, helping to make a positive, healthy difference in people's lives, and world peace. 

Below are a few of our current projects.

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My name is Arthur L. Jefford Sr Elder Hereditary ASMIN Grand Chief Gwayak Bikwak .

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ASMIN is Acting to PROTECT


Our Outside Environment and

All our Man-Made Enclosure Environments

by Sr Elder Grand Chief Gwayak Bikwak, April 2023

Please Note this urgent matter: To Protect All our Lives

A group of Clan Mothers in the western part of Canada, have risen up in their Indigenous Traditional and Cultural Leadership as our Environmental Protectors.

They are all concerned about the devastation of Empire Building Corporate Nations Fuel Oil-Based Economic Prosperity of 'Profits Before People's Safety' that is destroying our living environments.

The Clan Mothers are building Tiny Houses to help them in their efforts to block Flammable Fuel Oil Production distribution Pipelines that lead to destroying our living environments. See the report here!


Here in ASMIN our Leadership has been dedicated under our Sr Elder Chief Art's leadership who has devoted over 68,500 volunteer hours to save our Living Environment! He has been at the helm in steering this safe, economical innovation for many years! Now we at ASMIN want the people of the world to know as the Worlds' Corporate Governments have failed to protect the people of the world.!

At ASMIN we are acting to STOP the pipelines by STOPPING it at the source by stopping the unnecessary use of unsafe flammable fuel oil based plastics when the safe water-based alternate should be used instead. This is to stop the devastation not only to our environments but to all living, breathing women & men for their health and safety.

At ASMIN we have worked to SAVE our Living Environments by:

1. ASMIN Leadership seeks to have all Insulation and Environmental Enclosure Composite Skins protecting our living Enclosures by using safe non-flammable water-based plastics so we remove the need to extract the environmental devastating oil in the beginning. We have known this information in how to do this for over 1/2 Century now, so we can return our world to a safer living environment (just like the automotive industry is striving to eliminate the use of 100 years of fuel oil-based gas and diesel vehicle propulsion)

2. ASMIN's Leadership has pushed to STOP using flammable fuel oil insulation plastics and respectfully has requested that The Worlds Governments submission to Big Oil Lobbying remove their flawed legislation shutting down the use of SAFE non flammable water-based plastics industry in cellular plastics and composite plastics in our Environmental Living Enclosures. Again , as this removes the need to extract the environmental devastating oil in the beginning and need for pipelines.

3. ASMIN's Leadership has been in the forefront of ecological, safe products for over a 1/2 century to STOP using Freon the Fuel oil based plastic blowing agent CFC's that has been destroying our protective Ozone Layer. We are about protecting the worlds' people. We have the 1970's developed technology to revert back to using the SAFE water-based plastics alternate to return our world to a safer living environment.

4. ASMIN's Leadership in March 1980, after over a decade of dedicated efforts plus research and development, has had the answer to provide the safe alternate which would STOP the need to use the Flammable Fuel

Oil-Based plastics!

Incredibly Canada Government in it's thermal protection global leadership urged the United Nations Corporate Governments, claiming to protect lives, did the opposite by shutting down, under intense Big Oil Corporations lobbying, the Safe water-based plastics whole industry that continues to this day knowing the unacceptable loss of innocent lives.


The resulting devastation has cost 1000's of lost innocent lives and devastated all the safe human protection alternate innovation development initiatives for our safe enjoyment into the future from the use of the deadly toxic flammable oil-based plastics corporations' lethal destruction to our living environments.

Incredibly instead they promoted extremely flammable and deadly toxic UN-SAFE lethal fuel oil-based alternative that kills 100's and continues to kill innocent victims by the 1,000's as is illustrated in the Netflix Movie airing presently, “The Never Ending Endless Night” (about the Kiss Club Fire in Brazil) 6 Episodes! or the past Netflix airings on 'The Australia Four Corners High Rise' towering inferno or the 'Grenfell Towering Inferno' in London UK or the 1974 movie 'The Towering Inferno' made after the 1970 San Palo Brazil devastating Towering Inferno!

5. ASMIN's Leadership has continued to peacefully object to the 'Corporate Lobbied Empire' Governments protection of their economic Taxation economic prosperity of 'Profit Before People's Safety' which promotes an extremely flammable and deadly killer toxic gas fire emission that kills all those exposed in a horrible death similar to what was used in the Nazi Death Camp extermination Chambers!!


 ASMIN in protecting our natural and man made living Environments

- We urge you NOW to join with us 


LET'S WORK TOGETHER to take part in demanding for these necessary changes.


CONTACT US NOW for direct support.

Go to our Web Site and Membership information page.

Please note:

This is an urgent matter as all our new Airlines are replacing aluminum with flammable Plastic Composites: and Autos, Trucks, Boats, Drones, are replacing the steel with flammable Plastic Composites.


Our Homes and all High Rise Residential Structures are wrapped in highly flammable fuel oil-based deadly toxic unsafe plastic when an alternative safe plastic could be used instead: preventing the unforeseen, catastrophic tragedies. 

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