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Indigenous Child-Family Services


ASMIN is one of the treaty nations to AIN

The Alliance of Indigenous Nations Tribunal (AIN-Tribunal) has announced the inception of the 'International Indigenous Governing Board' - initiating an International Indigenous Child-Family Services (ICFS).

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The International Indigenous
Governing Board

Indigenous Child/Family Services (ICFS)

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Protecting, supporting, evolving, and guiding to meet the needs of our indigenous children, youth, families and communities worldwide.


We are currently aligned with our collective (ASMIN) untreatied Anishinaabe Chiefs in Ontario, Canada-Turtle Island and united with over 158 Indigenous nations worldwide (Alliance of Indigenous Nations -AIN) to help lead, prevent and direct child and family security and protective services to these indigenous communities.

We mainly provide an alternative, lawful direction to mainstream service provision for all unconquered Indigenous in a culturally safe and secure manner.

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•Bill C-92: An Act respecting Indigenous, youth and families is the first Canadian federal legislation on this subject of Child and Family Services [CFS]. The Act is the first statute to recognize inherent Indigenous jurisdiction over CFS (S. 35) right in Canada. As called for in the TRC Final Report, the statute establishes national minimum standards for CFS delivery for all Indigenous children and families. This includes “status, ‘non-status” children, living on or off reserve.

•Jurisdiction s. 8(a): What this law recognizes is that Indigenous peoples have the inherent right to jurisdiction (authority) over their own child and family services. 

Which means Indigenous groups may have their own legislation, that, where different, will prevail over provincial CFS legislation.

Our services are consequently referred to as Indigenous Child-Family Services (ICFS)


•To be compliant with Bill C-92, Colonial CFS MUST demonstrate HOW and WHEN they provided notice to the child’s (ASMIN Governing body/Welfare Program), parent(s) and/or care providers as applicable,  or document with evidence WHY it was not safe or possible to do so.


In addition, to make the most of this process for the child:  All before any significant measure in relation to the child is made:' ss 12 & 13' which is affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

•Each family needs to be informed of these rights and needs to be made known to schools, day-cares, healthcare facilities when dealing with the de-facto, colonial system (corporations in most cases).

Who to Contact

•For assistance and direction Contact:


•International Indigenous Governance Board Chief

•Toll-free +1 855 359 6247 Call/Fax/SMS


To learn more about AIN International Unity Treaty and Tribunal - visit

To File a claim- contact AIN Tribunal (

'The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth'
- Erasmus
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